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The stroke program at UTHealth was started by Jim Grotta in 1979 and was supported by the cerebrovascular disease related research interests of the first two Department of Neurology Chairmen (Bill Fields–management of extracranial carotid disease and Frank Yatsu –stroke risk factors). The program was initially shaped by important collaborations with faculty in stroke epidemiology, clinical trial design, and basic science, and the Houston Emergency Medical Services (EMS).  It was the first Stroke Center established in Houston at the Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center hospital and was one of the first established in the world.

Important milestones have included:

      • Participation as one of the lead sites in the NINDS tPA Stroke Trials from 1990-1995
      • A P50 program grant from 2002 to 2014 to conduct specialized translational research to develop novel acute stroke therapies (SPOTRIAS)
      • One of the top stroke fellowship programs started in 1979 by Jim Grotta
      • A T32 stroke fellowship training grant to train the next generation of academic leaders in cerebrovascular disease
      • Participation as a regional coordinating center in the new NINDS Stroke Network (StrokeNet)
      • First in the region to create a neuro ICU service and inpatient neurorehabilitation unit for patients with cerebrovascular disease
      • The first mobile stroke unit in the country
      • The first translational regenerative medicine program in stroke conducting cell-based therapies in stroke

At UTHealth, we have several international leaders in stroke and cerebrovascular disease

Jim Grotta
Founder, Stroke Program
Director, Mobile Stroke Consortium

Jarek Aronowski
Vice-Chair, Research Department of Neurology

Louise McCullough
Chair, Department of Neurology

Dong Kim
Chair, Department of Neuosurgery

Vice-Chair, Department of Neurosurgery